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Learn to fly at one of the best flight training schools in Melbourne

The Royal Victorian Aero Club is an internationally recognised flying school that has been training international students to become pilots for over 100 years. Our specialist Melbourne-based flight instructors are experienced in working with students from around the world. RVAC Flight Training Melbourne operates professional, safe and accredited flight training courses and lessons in a safe learning environment. RVAC Flight Training Melbourne is based at Moorabbin Airport.


Why should international students train with RVAC Flight Training Melbourne?


With the current Australian dollar exchange rate, flight training in Melbourne is exceptional value for all International Students. Our flight training is based at Moorabbin Airport at a comprehensive training facility, offering students five operational runways and a great selection of aircraft.



RVAC has a history of over 100 years of training pilots for professional careers in the Aviation industry in Australia and abroad. RVAC continues to play a significant role in aviation and has provided pilots to some of the most prestigious airlines throughout the world.  With a dedicated team of qualified Flight Instructors, it has adapted to changes in aviation technology and in the aviation industry.  It has produced many pilots who have gone on to achieve prominence as aviators, industry leaders or in service of Australia’s defence forces.

A reputable flying school in Melbourne


RVAC Flight Training is one of Australia’s most reputable flying schools and a leader in providing comprehensive and professional aviation and flying training services for domestic and international students. We operate 362 days of the year and Moorabbin Airport is close to the CTA and other airports and has a nearby Training Area.


Training international students from diverse backgrounds


RVAC Flight Training Melbourne has a depth of experience with students coming from diverse backgrounds and with various training requirements. Our experienced team of Flight Instructors is dedicated to the development of highly competent and disciplined pilots who will possess all the necessary skills to succeed with their aviation ambitions.


Located at a leading general aviation flight training airport


Moorabbin Airport is the leading General Aviation flight training airport in Victoria. The Airport’s Melbourne Flying Schools train 800 commercial pilots each year, with 30% coming from international destinations. Learning to fly at Moorabbin Airport offers the trainee pilot an excellent aviation infrastructure:

  • 5 operational runways – in excess of 13km of sealed runways and taxiways
  • Over 40 aviation related businesses including hangars, flight operations, aircraft testing, flight simulator, aviation maintenance and other aviation support services.
  • A busy aviation environment with 250,000 movements per year – 70% of movements are flight training related.
  • Moorabbin Airport is not subject to curfews, operating 24 hours per day which facilitates flight training outcomes. The no-curfew enables pilots to train in all weather conditions.


Not for Profit Organisation


One of the other key reason for training with the RVAC Flight Training is the fact that we are a Club, meaning we are a not-for-profit organisation. Any profits the club makes goes back into the club, benefiting its students and members. We do this by improving the facilities, purchasing new aircraft and upgrading the existing fleet.


Safety is our priority


RVAC Flight Training is fully compliant with all CASA Standards and Requirements. Safety at RVAC Flight Training for all flight operations is our highest priority and is demonstrated in all our training standards. RVAC does not compromise on safety with training, is committed to high standards and produces students to above Civil Aviation Safety Authority requirements. It is our aim to produce the safest pilots available to the International Aviation Industry.

Our aim is to create a safe and hands-on learning environment for each and every one of our students. When learning to fly in Melbourne with RVAC, know that you’ll be receiving quality flight training from an organisation that has been training pilots for over 100 years. Our flight instructors are committed to the safety of all who choose to learn to fly with the RVAC. Our industry professionals monitor each person individually, and will keep an eye on your flying progress for the duration of your course. This policy will not change.


Registered Training Organisation


The Royal Victorian Aero Club is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO no. 22465).In Australia, a Registered Training Organisation is an alternative to university for post- secondary school studies. Registered Training Organisations offer courses which emphasise job-related skills and specific career pathways. A Registered Training Organisation is licensed to provide authorised vocational courses.As a Registered Training Organisation, the Royal Victorian Aero Club offers vocational courses in Aviation:

All courses are in line with Civil Aviation Safety Authority qualifications and the VET Quality Framework.

It is advantageous and highly recommended for students determined to pursue a career in aviation to choose to complete their training with a Registered Training Organisation.

A Registered Training Organisation is authorised by the Australian Government and must pass and maintain stringent procedures to gain registration. Each Registered Training Organisation must ensure they have the appropriate infrastructure and professional trainers for students to achieve satisfactory progress.

The Royal Victorian Aero Club has an extensive fleet of aircraft and qualified staff with many years of experience and knowledge, enabling the delivery of well-structured theory and flight training.

RVAC Registration and Review Notes:

Study in Australia for international students is strictly controlled by the Department of Education and Training (DET), under the ESOS Act, and the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP). All education providers and courses offered must be included in the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS). RVAC Flight Training Melbourne is so registered and has the CRICOS Provider Code 00277D. To obtain and retain registration, RVAC must undergo regular review by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority and Australian Skills Quality Authority representatives. The Department of Immigration and Border Protection issues and monitors Student Visas to approved students and acts in concert with DET to regulate the provision of educational facilities to international students.

Please note, we do not deal with agents. Please call us on +61 3 8586 7777 if you have any questions.

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