Royal Victorian Aero Club (RVAC)


We’ve been taking to the skies since 1914, and as Australia's oldest and most prestigious flying school and club, we’re excited to welcome you to the Royal Victorian Aero Club, the 2023 aero club of the year (Australian Flying's CASA Wings Awards).

Based at Moorabbin Airport, RVAC and RVAC Aviation Academy has served the local and international aviation community for over 100 years. Meaning, over the past century, we have trained thousands of pilots and provided a platform for aviation enthusiasts to pursue their passion for flying.

We take great pride in our flight training offerings and deliver a service of excellence with every interaction. Our in-house team of highly experienced instructors bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to each lesson. While our ground crew ensure you’re always looked after.

As aviators ourselves, we know that every student and licensed pilot has unique goals and outcomes for their flying. We offer the highest level of accreditation in Australia (Part 141 and 142) and we can customise our training courses to suit your piloting needs.

From Recreational (beginner) to Private pilot licence and Commercial flight training, we have a pathway for you. We’re also very happy to tailor programs for individuals or groups with specific training needs, just reach out to us!


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As a member of the Royal Victorian Aero Club, you’ll have access to our purpose built  facilities with dedicated briefing rooms and flight simulators. 

And, of course, you’ll get first pick from our fleet of VFR and IFR aircraft for private hire, scenic flights and charter. Our planes are meticulously maintained and regularly serviced to ensure you always have a safe and reliable flying experience.

In addition to flight training, your membership invites you to participate in exciting social activities and events, including:

  • Fly-ins and BBQs
  • Aviation-themed talks 
  • Aviation workshops

We take pride in our rich history and are excited to continue to inspire a love of aviation in future generations of pilots and enthusiasts. So, whether you’ve just entered the fascinating world of aviation or you’re a seasoned pilot–or maybe just mad about aeroplanes, we welcome you to RVAC.


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Moorabbin Airport is the leading general aviation flight training airport in Victoria. The airport’s flight training schools train 800 commercial pilots each year, with 30% coming from international destinations.

Learning to fly at Moorabbin Airport offers the trainee pilot excellent aviation infrastructure:

  • 5 operational runways – in excess of 13km of sealed runways and taxiways.
  • Over 40 aviation related businesses including hangars, flight operations, aircraft testing, flight simulator, aviation maintenance and other aviation support services.
  • A busy aviation environment with 250,000 movements per year  – 70% of movements are flight training related.
  • Moorabbin Airport is not subject to curfews, operating 24 hours per day 
  • Pilot Shop 'Skylines'.

RVAC offers the perfect facilities for training pilots up for a career in aviation.