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I already hold a pilot certificate issued by RA-Aus. How do I obtain and RPL?

 A pilot certificate is equivalent to an RPL. To get your RPL you need to complete an application form, and follow the instructions on the form to provide evidence of your pilot certificate, submit a recent photograph and provide appropriate proof of your identity. You also need to undertake a flight review before you can use your licence.

Your new licence grants the relevant category rating, aircraft class rating and design feature endorsements. You are also granted a recreational navigation endorsement if your pilot certificate authorises you to conduct cross-country flights and if you meet minimum flight times.

Flight review requirement for RPL transition pilots

Whether you are obtaining your RPL based on converting an RA-Aus pilot certificate or transitioning from an SPL plus GFPT, you need to complete a class rating flight review for the aircraft you wish to fly. The flight review should cover basic aircraft operations as well as the underpinning knowledge of the additional RPL responsibilities. Topics include the aircraft maintenance certificate, pre-flight preparations, flight planning, fuel management, managing passengers and other critical aspects of operating an aircraft as pilot in command unsupervised. Details of the flight review are prescribed in the Part 61 Manual of Standards.

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