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RVAC is the longest standing, and one of the most reputable aero clubs and flying schools in Australia. Our students have a 98% pass rate with many landing professional careers in the aviation industry.

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Embrace new challenges and explore the freedom that comes with taking flight. Unlock the possibilities that becoming a pilot offers. Take your next step and sign up for flying lessons!

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Whether you’re just getting started in aviation, learning to fly, already a pilot, or just have planes on the brain – we invite you to join our friendly and inclusive aero club.


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If you are interested in becoming a qualified pilot, you've come to the right place. RVAC offers focused, exceptionally high quality training for those wishing to take to the skies. From the recreational aviator to airline quality commercial pilots, we have the training syllabus to suit you - casually at your own pace or full-time.

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We have a diverse, modern range of VFR and IFR aircraft in our fleet including Cesnas Warriors, Archers, Slings, Seminoles and more. All aircraft are available for private hire, scenic flights and charter. Choose your wings and take to the sky today!

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As aviators, we understand choosing a flying school or what flying club to be part of matters. Were both, and we take pride in offering impeccable flight training alongside a vibrant social club of passionate flyers and non-flying aviation lovers that will welcome you.

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Wondering if flying is right for you? You’ll never know if you don’t try it! Book an introductory flight with us to find out. A little word of warning–the sky may steal your heart and you may never be the same again.

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Based at Moorabbin Airport, RVAC Aviation Academy has served the local and international aviation community for over 100 years. As a Part 141 and 142 accredited flying school, we can customise our training courses to suit your piloting needs.

From flight training to CASA approved simulators and theory courses, we offer a comprehensive syllabus to help you reach your aviation goals. Our courses suit tertiary, VCE and VCAL students, and our team of flight instructors are passionate about flying–and teaching!

Our students have gone on to become working pilots in various sectors of aviation.

So, whether you’re a student jet setting to Australia from across the globe, live interstate, or you’re based in Melbourne–we’re dedicated to providing you with everything you need to be a confident and fully-qualified pilot.

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You'll Love It Here, The Royal Victorian Aero Club



The Royal Victorian Aero Club, (also known as RVAC and Royal Vic), is one of the oldest flying clubs in Australia. It was established in 1914, just a few years after the Wright brothers' historic first flight in 1903. The club's founding members were a group of aviation enthusiasts who were passionate about the new and exciting field of aviation. And we’re proud to carry on our lineage.

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“I feel privileged to be involved with the Royal Victorian Aero Club, through their Young Eagles program, in sharing my passion for aviation with young Australians. It is heartening to see a flying club pro-actively involve young people in their activities, enabling them to gain first hand experience in the exciting world that is aviation.”

Ralph Petritsch, Airline Pilot, Former RAAF Pilot