Plane Talk

June 2017 Planetalk

Featured in this edition:

ALACS at Latrobe Valley

The Airplane Factory Sling 2

Students at RVAC

Interview with a Pilot – Karl Mackay

RVAC Formation Endorsement


January 2017 Planetalk

Featured in this edition:

RVAC Dawn Patrol 2016
Able Day in the Sky
Trojan T-28D Flight
Interview with a Pilot – Armin Rashidi


September 2016 Plane Talk

To support the launch of our exciting new website we have just released the latest issue of Plane Talk. This is our first electronic issue of the magazine and we plan to grow the content and the format for new issues over the coming months.

This issue contains some of the latest club news and activities and invites members contributions to make both Plane Talk and our Club better


July – Sept 2015 Plane Talk

Plane Talk Magazine. A publication of the Royal Victorian Aero Club and Pilot training school.


January – June 2015 Planetalk

Plane Talk Magazine. A publication of the Royal Victorian Aero Club and Pilot training school.


October – December 2014 PlaneTalk

July – October 2014 PlaneTalk

January – June 2014 PlaneTalk

July – December 2013 PlaneTalk

April – June 2013 PlaneTalk

January – March 2013 Planetalk

* Flying Scholarship Awardees: Where are They Now?

* Milawa Flyaway – still a favourite.

* Flying a Porsche in Germany.

* 2012 Members and Staff Christmas Party

…and much more


August – October 2012 PlaneTalk


Fascination with flight started way back before the Wright Brothers, and others like them, took to flight. A wide variety of airshows around the world continue to attract large and very diverse crowds. More than any other sport, aeroplanes and flying displays attract people from all walks of life, cultural backgrounds and faiths.

This issue of PlaneTalk contains this and other interesting stories.


May – July 2012 PlaneTalk

33rd Dawn Patrol: Guest Speaker: Ken Wilkinson
Australian National Aviation
Museum: Glenn pays a visit
Flight Training: Origin of the checklist
12 Flyaway from the past: A logbook reveals its secrets
2011 Air Show: Moscow
As it Happened: Engine Failure!!!!!!!
RVAC Social: Remembering The Titanic
Aero Bar: Phil McConnell, Moorabbin Airport Manager, retires
Young Eagles: April 2012
Events Calendar


February – April 2012 PlaneTalk

Profile: Chase Antunovic Full Time Pilot… and loving it
From the Chief Pilot: Looking after the fleet and your passengers
Former Scholarship Winners: Tom Wang & Mukul Iyer
Flight Training: The Benefits of training with the RVAC
RVAC Working Bee: Members Freshen Up the Ops Building
Sir Thomas White: Founder of the Royal Victorian Aero Club and President from 1924-1927
Flyaway: King Island Races, Australia Day Weekend
Pages from the Past
Recollections: Ken Wilkinson reflects on Characters that he has met
Young Eagles: Leigh Halley- Frame Takes Wing
Events Calendar and Classifieds Ads


October 2011 PlaneTalk

November 2011 Planetalk

The Command Instrument Rating is one of the most
challenging and rewarding qualifications in Aviation.
This qualification enables you to fly in and out of cloud and above the weather safely and
comfortably. Sounds simple but it’s true. The Instrument rating makes you a better VFR
pilot as far as your respect of the weather is concerned and how flying in controlled airspace gives you a better option for transiting from one city to another.


August – September 2011 PlaneTalk

July 2011 Planetalk

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