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VCE VCAL Flight Training

Accredited diplomas for Commercial Flight Training in Melbourne


The Royal Victorian Aero Club is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), providing professional, accredited flight training at Diploma level. VCE and VCAL students may be able to participate in the AVI50219 Diploma of Aviation (Commercial Pilots License – Aeroplane) through the Vocational Education and Training in Schools program. If you know that becoming a pilot is what you want to do in life, why wait to start learning? To learn to fly in VCE or VCAL, you may wish to discuss this option with your schools careers and subject counsellor.


Study to become a pilot in VCE


Yes it’s possible! Why study a unit 3 or unit 4 subject you know that you’re not interested in? Some of us know that a career in aviation is what we want to do from a young age. So why not learn from one of the best flying schools in Melbourne! Our comprehensive courses cover everything from practical flight training to theory exams. And the best part is that whilst you’re learning to fly, this course may also attribute to your final ATAR score!


How can my studies contribute to my ATAR score?


Completion of the RPL (Recreational Pilots Licence) & PPL (Private Pilots Licence) units of study in the Aviation diploma may contribute to 2 of your unit 3 and 4 sequences towards the satisfactory completion of your Victorian Certificate of Education.

In addition to the Primary 4 VCE studies, it may also contribute to the ATAR in the form of at least one 10% increment (10% of the averaged scaled score).


What will I study as part of my VCE or VCAL studies?

    Further information regarding this is available on the VCAA website:  Block credit recognition.


    Why choose to study a VCE or VET Commercial Flight Training Course?


    If you know that you want to be a pilot, why wait to finish your VCE before you start learning? You could start your exciting career as a pilot now, whilst completing year 12.

    The VCE and VET Commercial Flight Training program is drawn from a national training package. The training program offers portable qualifications that are recognised throughout Australia. These qualifications provide students with a broad range of knowledge and skills to pursue further training and a career in the aviation industry.

    The best part is that our courses are theory and hands-on. Learn to fly a plane whilst completing year 12.


    Flexible training options


    This course involves individual (face to face-one on one) training. As RVAC Flight Training is open 7 days a week, training can take place in or out of school hours.  The only classroom attendance requirement is for the two courses of theory (BAK – 36 hours – 6 x 6 hour sessions –/ PPL Theory – 48 hours – 8 x 6 hour sessions). The theory training is conducted during the end of first term school holidays.

    To receive one Unit 3 / 4 sequence, each phase must be completed prior to the end of October of the school year.

    Please note that flight training is weather dependent so it is not possible to provide a concise timetable, only a guideline.

    *Note: (The credit into the VCE and ATAR contribution are both subject to the volume and level of training completed by the student and will be confirmed upon issuance of VCE results by the VCAA and calculation of the ATAR by VTAC).


    Melbourne based flying courses: How to begin your flight training in Year 12


    The following elements required to commence Flight Training under the VET in schools program are:


    Secondary school and career’s counsellor notes


    Students may undertake two years of study, or one year only. Please note that the student’s secondary school has the responsibility for forwarding details to VCAA regarding student unit enrolments delivered by us.

    It is the student’s responsibility to submit their enrolment details to RVAC Flight Training Melbourne. RVAC Flight Training Melbourne will then forward details to the school once enrolment details have been submitted.


    Age restrictions


    Please note that there are age restrictions regarding pilot licensing. These are enforced by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA). Students must be 16 years of age to achieve the RPL and 17 years of age to complete the PPL.


    Learn to fly for VCE


    Learn to fly a plane in year 12 with RVAC Flight Training Melbourne. Ask us how to start our Melbourne flight training course for VCE and VCAL! Contact us via our website or call +61 3 8586 7777 to find out more.