Flying Competitions

Flying Competitions


The Royal Victorian Aero Club’s annual flying competitions are run for the benefit of Flying Members. During the course of the year, RVAC Flight Training Melbourne holds a series of nine events, in which pilots compete as a personal challenge and as part of a team. Flying competitions are an excellent way of enhancing flying skills, to maintain currency and to get to know other members enjoying the same challenges!

Our Melbourne Flying Club Competitions also provide a means by which you can regularly keep up with the latest procedures and not let those expensive lessons go to waste. All competitions are based on normal flying skills acquired during training. There’s no flying under bridges or aerobatic flying involved! Most competitions are of 30-40 minute duration. Competitors fly with an Air Judge for scoring purposes.

Participants are members of one of four flights. Flights compete against each other and at the end of the year, the winning flight receives a trophy at the “All Flights Dinner Dance.” Individual competitors who have top scores in a competition also receive a trophy.

The heart of the club’s activities is the Flight System through which flying and social events are organised, such as short and long fly-aways, inter-club competitions, BBQ’s and parties. The friends you make are those with whom you share experiences.

Please note, competition type is subject to change before or on the day, and weather conditions may necessitate cancellation. We will endeavour to keep you informed of any changes.

If you are interested in competing in our flying competitions, please email here or call the the RVAC Flight Operations building on +61 3 8586 7777.


Current flying competitions


Accurate Flying Left Hand Seat (LHS)

Usually the first competition of the year, as we also provide a free instructor for your 90 day check if you require. This is a great competition to review the Moorabbin procedures, practice circuits and radio calls.

Instrument Flying

Carry out a downwind, base and final under the hood. Do a go around and level off. This is done away from the airport at a safe altitude.

Mini Nav

Go on a small nav to Tooradin, and spot certain features along the way.

Streamer Cutting

Throw a streamer (i.e. a roll of toilet paper) out the window and chase it, trying to cut it with your propeller. The trick is to go slow, turn steep. It sounds like incredible fun, and it’s even better in the air.

Flour Bombing

Drop a 1 kilogram bag of flour on a target from 250 feet. This is done at a country airfield and requires great skill and a lot of luck.

Spot Landing

Usually incorporated in other competitions, this competition perfects your short field technique.

Accurate Slow Flying

A test of skills in accurate air speed, altitude and heading control. The competition involves climbing, steep turns, gliding turns and incipient stalling. Circuit and landing accuracy is important, as is general airmanship.


We hope the above whets your appetite for some useful flying fun. There is no doubt that most pilots who fly the competitions regularly stay current, have higher skills and improved confidence ensuring better and safer pilots.