Sling 2 (Trial Introductory Flight)

$203.00 $185.00

A Trial Introductory Flight (TIF) offered by RVAC Flight Training Melbourne is much more than just a Joy Flight.
The TIF can be the first step in learning to fly because you actually take the controls and fly the aircraft under the supervision of one of our experienced Flight Instructors.
If you decide to continue your flight training, then the TIF will count as your first flying lesson and will be logged in your Pilot Log Book and contribute to your flying experience.
A no obligation first flying lesson and could be your first step into an exciting career in aviation, or simply a one-time experience of a lifetime.
The Sling 2 is fast becoming a favourite among light sport aircraft. It's also our most popular plane for introductory flights with its bubble canopy and modern, full glass avionics.
What's Included:
* 30 minutes flying time with an RVAC Flight Instructor
* 30 minute hire of Sling 2 aircraft
* Individual instructional pre-flight and post-flight briefing