AVI50222 Diploma of Aviation (Commercial Pilot Licence - Aeroplane)

Where do you begin?

The AVI50222 Diploma of Aviation (Commercial Pilot Licence–Aeroplane) is designed for students from ab initio flight training to Commercial Pilot Licence–Aeroplane.


The good news is...

RVAC Aviation Academy offers a comprehensive Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) training course including both theory and flight instruction. Our CPL course meets the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) requirements and allows you to gain employment with a commercial aviation operation under Visual Flying Rules.

You can study with us on a full-time basis and VET Student Loans are available through RVAC for eligible students.


What’s involved in a Commercial Pilot Licence?

To obtain a CPL, you must be at least 18 years old and successfully complete an integrated course of training.

An Approved Integrated Commercial Pilot Licence Training Course consists of a minimum of 153 hours of commercial flight training and an Integrated Theory component*. 

During the course you will need to study for and complete 7 CPL Theory exams. We conduct these exams in-house under CASA approved guidelines.

The subjects you get to learn about include:

  • Aircraft General Knowledge
  • Meteorology
  • Human Factors
  • Navigation
  • Flight Rules & Air Law
  • Aerodynamics
  • Operation, Performance & Flight Planning.


Sound good, so far? This is your next step…

To enrol in this course you will need to complete the following:

  • Pre-enrolment Skill & Knowledge Assessment
  • Flight Simulator Assessment (charge to applicant)
  • Interview with RVAC Senior Instructor


After the interview stage, successful applicants will be required to obtain the following:


Other learning investment requirements:

  • Theory Course Textbooks
  • Associated charts, maps & equipment


The flying skills you’ll cultivate

The Commercial Pilot Licence course builds on the foundational skills you have acquired from your previous training including:

  • Airmanship
  • Radio Procedures
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Practical Application of Theory Knowledge
  • Advanced Flight Planning & Navigation
  • Operation Command Decision Making
  • Advanced Aircraft Handling Techniques
  • Passenger Management

The skills and experience gained during your CPL flight training and building in-command hours will enable you to offer your services to an employer as a professional pilot (on successful course completion).



What happens after completion of flight training? 

Glad you asked! On completion of your CPL training you will undertake a flight test with a CASA Approved Testing Officer. To sit this exam, you will need to have completed all 7 Theory exams within a validity period of two-years.


What is an Integrated Course?

‘Integrated’ means an intensive course of training:

  • Designed to ensure that a course participant receives ground theory training integrated with practical flight training.
  • For which the ground theory training and practical flight training are conducted by the same operator.
  • Conducted according to a syllabus that satisfies the knowledge and flight standards specified in the Part 61 Manual of Standards for a Private or Commercial Pilot Licence designed to be completed within a condensed period of time. This course is conducted over 3 half year semesters.