Royal Victorian Aero Club Maintenance

Royal Victorian Aero Club Maintenance


RVAC Flight Training Melbourne undertakes maintenance of the aircraft fleet on-site in our own hangar which is conveniently located airside next to the Flight Operations building. All maintenance is undertaken by Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineers (LAME).

In addition to servicing and maintaining our own fleet, RVAC also provides professional maintenance services for other fleet operators at Moorabbin Airport.

Maintenance enquiries can be directed to our Chief Engineer, Tony Suhr. 

RVAC Flight Training Melbourne Maintenance


Maintenance by Pilots


While the regulations may permit you to perform certain maintenance, RVAC requires that you seek permission prior to any maintenance being performed on their aircraft.

Civil Aviation Regulations (Schedule 8) permit the following maintenance to be performed by qualified pilots:

  1. Removal or installation of landing gear tyres, but only if the removal or installation does not involve the complete jacking of the aircraft.
  2. Repair of pneumatic tubes of landing gear tyres.
  3. Servicing of landing gear wheel bearings.
  4. Replacement of defective safety wiring or split pins, but not including wiring or pins in control systems.
  5. Removal or refitting of a door, but only if:

    (a) no disassembly of the primary structure or operating system of the aircraft is involved; and

    (b) if the aircraft is to be operated with the door removed – the aircraft has a flight manual and the manual indicates that the aircraft may be operated with the door removed.
  6. Replacement of side windows in an unpressurised aircraft.
  7. Replacement of seats, but only if the replacement does not involve disassembly of any part of the primary structure of the aircraft.
  8. Repairs to the upholstery or decorative furnishings of the interior of the cabin or cockpit.
  9. Replacement of seat belts or harnesses.
  10. Replacement or repair of signs and markings.
  11. Replacement of bulbs, reflectors, glasses, lenses or lights.
  12. Replacement, cleaning, or setting gaps of, spark plugs.
  13. Replacement of batteries.
  14. Changing oil filters or air filters.
  15. Changing or replenishing engine oil or fuel.
  16. Lubrication not requiring disassembly or requiring only the removal of non-structural parts, or of cover plates, cowlings and fairings.
  17. Replenishment of hydraulic fluid.
  18. Application of preservative or protective materials, but only if no disassembly of the primary structure or operating system of the aircraft is involved.
  19. Removal or replacement of equipment used for agricultural purposes.
  20. Removal or replacement of glider tow hooks.
  21. Carrying out of an inspection under regulation 42G of a flight control system that has been assembled, adjusted, repaired, modified or replaced.
  22. Carrying out of a daily inspection of an aircraft.

If you have any questions about these please talk to your instructor, call +61 3 8586 7777 with any enquiries. You may also fill in your details on our contact page to get in touch.

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