Ever wondered what your neighbourhood looks like from the sky? Or maybe you’re just curious about how aeroplanes work.

You might even dream about being a pilot. If your answer to any of these is “yes”, and you are between the ages of 13 and 18, then you’re ready to take the RVAC Young Eagles Flight Experience and see what real pilots do on the ground and in the air.

And best of all your RVAC Young Eagles Flight Experience is FREE!

Young Eagles Application Form

Participation in the “RVAC Young Eagles Victoria” program includes a demonstration flight in an aircraft provided to the Royal Victorian Aero Club (RVAC) for training and general aviation. The aircraft will be flown in accordance with the operating procedures of the RVAC and in conformity with relevant Australian Aviation Laws.

I certify that I am the legal guardian of the above named “RVAC Young Eagles Victoria” participant and I give him/her permission to participate in the program including the demonstration flight. In consideration of the above named “Young Eagle” being permitted to attend and/or participate in the programme I agree to release and hold harmless RVAC, its servants and agents, owners and/or hirers of aircraft used in the program and any related service providers from all or any liability arising out of any personal injury or death of the participant howsoever such personal injury or death may be occasioned (including negligent or deliberate acts) except to the extent that the exclusion of such liability is prohibited by law.

I agree that any photographs taken of the above named Young Eagle Victoria may be published at the discretion of the Royal Victorian Aero Club.

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