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No matter what aviation means to you, whether you are just getting started in aviation, learning to fly, already a pilot, or just have planes on the brain, the RVAC is here to help.

What’s included in your membership?


Your membership makes you a part of the passionate RVAC Family and gives you access to exclusive benefits. Membership also gives you opportunities to go flying at local aviation events, participate in Competitions, and give youngsters their very first flight through our renowned Young Eagles program. Being an RVAC member puts decades of hard-earned flying know-how right at your fingertips. You also have access to our Plane Talk Magazine, exclusive website content, e-mail newsletters, a staff of on-call experts, and so much more.


Becoming a Member


The RVAC welcomes new members. Membership is available to all persons 15 years of age and over. Membership types and costs are listed below.

Download membership form by clicking here or call into the operations area of the Club and talk to our friendly staff.

Both pilots and non-pilots can be RVAC members and enjoy the benefits.


Membership Categories


Flying Member – $180.00

Persons over 18 years who are qualified pilots. All have voting, bar, social and flying rights, including discounts.


Provisional Flying Member – $180.00

Persons over 18 years who do not yet hold a Recreational Pilot’s Licence or above receive flying and bar rights, including discounts and social privileges. They have no voting rights.


Country Member – $90.00

Persons over 18 years who permanently reside over 80 kilometres from Moorabbin Airport. Bar, social and flying rights are applicable, but not the flying discounts or voting rights.


Junior Flying Member – $35.00

Persons aged between 15 and 18 years. They are entitled to flying rights and social rights. They are not entitled to bar rights, voting rights or flight discounts.


Life Member – $1,260

Persons who have been Flying Members for fifteen years, have paid the appropriate fee and have been approved by the Board. The current fee is seven times the annual subscription, which equals $1260 incl. GST. All rights are applicable.


Honorary Life Member

Persons who have rendered distinguished service to the Club and whom the Board of Directors have approved. All rights are applicable. Any member may recommend an appropriate person for this honour.


Observer Member – $55.00

Persons over 18 years. All have bar and social rights, but no flying or voting rights.



  1. Flying, Life and Honorary Life membership are the only types of membership giving the right to vote in Club affairs.
  2. Any member whose spouse is a flying member, provisional flying member or an observer member may renew his/her membership at 50% of the equal or lower subscription rate under which he/she is registered.

The conditions under which pilot members obtain the discounted hiring rates are as follows:

  1. a) It commences from the date that the subscription is paid.
  2. b) It applies to all Club owned aircraft, on-line and selected cross-hired aircraft.
  3. c) The discount applies to all flying where the member is listed as pilot in command, including competitions.
  4. d) It applies only to Moorabbin-based aircraft.

e) Other terms and conditions may be applied as and when appropriate.

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